Thursday 2 January 2014

Which diet should you go for?

It's a real minefield isn't it!

So many different diets out there on the market,  of course always with skinny gorgeous models to promote them who never demonstrate that they may break out in a sweat and work out really hard at the gym too……

What are you to do?

How do you know what works for you and what doesn't before you invest time and money in the said diet.
Over the next few blogs I will review my knowledge of the 'diets' listed below for you so you can have a think about what might work for you.  They are all so different aren't they!
Personally,  my favourite is Atkins, or general Low carb diets.  They seem to be the ones that have the greatest chance of fitting into your every day life for longevity and also a really good weight loss can be achieved from them too.  It's a tricky one for vegetarians really unless you like an awful lot of green vegetables.  I guess you'd be hungry without the meat based protein.  

My opinion is that we should all do well cutting down on some sugars!  I get a little frustrated at the low fat diets.  I know we shouldn't eat loads of bad fats but we still need the good fats.  It can get complicated but the good fats help lower the bad cholesterol.  Sugar however, has no good properties pretty much whatsoever.

So here you will find a list of books in relation to the most popular diets.  Click the links to download.

  This diet you will feast for 5 days, fast for 2 days

Famous Atkins Low carb diet,  gets your body into Ketosis which burns your fat stores fast

The ever famous Weight watchers cook book. This diet works on points values, based on calories and low fat

 Are you a slimming world member? This book is great for you!

One of my personal favourites for anyone who has difficulty with any tummy issues.  If your stomach grumbles a lot and you suffer wind, pain, toilet troubles and have difficulty losing weight this could be your answer.  Great for intestinal issues and those unable to tolerate poly saccharides and di sacchirides

 Ketostix are great to see if you are in ketosis or not and if you are, by how far.  These are for low carb diets. Basically, you pee on them and wait for colour change

No experience of this diet but a few of my clients like this plan

 A client of mine lost weight slowly but surely on this diet.  She looks fab and is over 60 too.

 Now this idea I LOVE! It's also known as the blood group type diet! It works for me.

   General information about what we should be eating for optimum nutrition.  This is an in-depth educational journey which will enhance your life and your health.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss any further diets on here.  Which is your favourite?  Which do you have success with?  Please check back here for information on the Jason Vale Juicemaster 'stuff' which is coming soon.

Really hope this helps you.  Of course,  choose whichever plan suits you then come on over to my Facebook group to get the motivation you need from like minded others.  Click here for details.

Sending you much love for health and happiness

Louise xoxoxox

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