Tuesday 14 January 2014

I Am That Meditation

My lovely friends and readers

I'm sharing something very close to my heart today.  Let me open up a little to you.

Back in 2009 I discovered,  "The Secret".  This totally changed my life.  Like,  totally.  
I've written about it lots on this blog.  You might want to read this one too.  So fast forward to now;  what have I learned?

I now know that I need to use the Law of Attraction with respect and to do the 'inner work' regularly.  Without the stuff that helps you to make positive manifestations,  you can make negative ones.  If none of this makes any sense to you whatsoever then I totally understand,   it was gobbledegook to me too.  Maybe you need my beginners guide book.  Then again,  there is always Youtube.

Loving to share these videos with you all, I am once again sharing one of my favourites.  

Wayne Dyer has me mesmerized for hours.  I love the way he presents and I love the way he makes things easy to understand.  

The above video is pretty deep with a powerful mediation at the end of it.  I always find when I use this mediation that things become very clear for me and I know at that moment in time exactly what I should be doing.  After the meditation I can be the worlds worst for letting the human aspect kick in and almost arguing with the mediation.

"No, surely not,  everyone says you can't succeed at stuff like that..."  etc..  You hear those voices too?

So go head and take some time out to see the above video.  You will love it.  Use mediation often.  

With love

Louise xoxoxoxo

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