Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hello!!!! Is it me you're looking for?

I've missed you guys!

How ARE you?

Where have I been?  

Oh,  you know,  stuff......  been doing more business stuff.  Drumming up work,  making a living.  This blog might do that one day and nothing will make me happier,  meanwhile I will keep writing here for pleasure.

My update:

*Still no visa news.  My gorgoeus fiance and I are still patiently waiting to find out if we can be together soon.

*I've lost a bit of weight.  I've been asked to get involved with a weight loss group (used to do this before,  shall i blog about it?  Answers below) which means another bit of work which I love.  Obviously it motivated me to lose a couple of lbs which crept on as they do.

*Having a nice time this summer,  enjoying the weather.  Thinking of throwing mum a  birthday party but she's not well right now.

*Twins are having teenage sleep overs all the time right now.  Which is fine.  I'm fine.  No,  really,  I'm fine!

*Decided to make more desk time which will be more productive now I'm not needed in the same way for my twins.

What you all been up to?
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