Friday 19 July 2013

Hair Breakage - "My hair just won't grow anymore!"

Hair Breakage – “My hair just won’t grow anymore!”

Sometimes,  the above statement is true!

The life of a hair shaft has a maximum of 7 years to grow. 

The average persons hair grows about 1/2” per month.

Applying to the lucky few,  you could in effect grow your hair and sit on it.  These however, are averages.  Of course,   this could be you!

Every few months or years every follicle (where the hair begins to grow its root) takes a rest.  Imagine the said follicle sitting on a sun lounger sipping cocktails before it’s back to work again.

So,  a brand new hair cycle begins again.  With a brand new,  short,  baby hair.

If this happened to all the follicles at the same time,  we would be in trouble.  All walking around with bald/short/long hair all at the same time and I’m not sure there would be  hairdressing industry!
Each day,  it is said we lose about 100 hairs!!!

Crikey!! “That sounds a lot!” I hear you scream.

How many hairs are on your head?  I don’t know.  But LOADS!

Fear not,  this is what happens on average now and has happened all your life.  Relax.  Breathe.

So in a  nutshell,  it depends on your hair follicle cycle as to how long you could possibly grown your hair.  Although my opinion (which I feel is right on this occasion) is that you can affect things such as healthy hair growth by your diet.  In other words,  keep healthy and you will have awesome shiny hair.

Then of course there is breakage:

This is a totally different subject.

Todays world is one of hot hairdryers,  big bouncy blow dries and flat irons.  Of course this takes its toll on the hair shaft just as the sun does on your skin.  You tend to find breakage occurs in the ends of your hair due to the fact that this is the oldest part of your hair.  In other words,  like with skin,  the younger it is,  the more elastic it is and stronger too.
The hair at the bottom of your style potentially could be 7 years old. 

It has been subject to:
Hydrogen Peroxide
More heat

Not to mention styling products and the like.  Protect your hair the best you can.  Use heat protector.

Use conditioning treatments,  better still get them done professionally.  The ingredients and skill will really make a difference. 

Get those ends trimmed off every 6-8 weeks.  I promise it will make such a difference.  Be really clear to your hair stylist that you would literally like a couple of millimeters taken off the damaged ends.  Really drum home that you are still growing your hair but want to keep the nice condition.
Before they pick up the scissors make sure they have listened to you and you will keep your trust in them and return next time.

Does it make my hair grow quicker?


Getting your hair cut cannot make it grow quicker.  What it will do is stop breakage.  Therefore,  your hair will seem to grow quicker as the ends will last longer and not end up all over your duvet cover while straightening!

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