Wednesday 24 July 2013

Blogging all about YOU

Hey there my blog friends

Today,  I received an email from a lady who is a coach like myself.  She was cleverly referring to blog posts.

In her opinion,  it would be foolish to write a blog post all about ones self because readers would 'switch off' and never become clients.  Ahh.... this is assuming you need to convert this into a 'lead' and make a sale of the type where you end up coaching your client.

Now,  I'm not disagreeing with this notion but obviously there are many different types of blogs and these days we seem to be interested in other peoples lives.  I certainly am that's for sure.  I'm a little bit nosey {Smile}

My interest was reignited in my blogger account when I saw many bloggers are kind of diarising their day through words and photos.  I love this.  Hang on,  I LOVE this.  Realising that many of us are of the same opinion,  I took the brave choice to put my life into published words.  I was hoping to do this anyway through my forthcoming books.

Happiness in Vitro - Louise Usher

I'm big enough to claim to be an expert in my day job of coaching others in both business and personal life.  Which means I also must be 'big' enough to admit there is loads for me to learn on the blogging and general publishing platform.

Marketing,  affiliate links,  sponsorship, Youtube and adsense accounts are all beginning to show signs of adding to the income needed to start doing more and more of my passion which is writing.  Excellent news!

For ages I stumbled upon opening up on a blog and to be honest,  I still keep my wordpress account going which is often less personal and may use this for blogging to business owners too.  Much is duplicated onto here but I'm loving my new blogger friends who bravely share their lives too.

So tell me,  when you blog,  do you write from the heart,  sharing about yourself? 

Or do you consider the reader at all times?  Making sure they are 'gaining' something from your reading?

Engaging your audience is great but I'm such a believer that there is a place in the market for being nosey and looking at other people's wedding photos and hearing about love stories.... look at "Bridget Jones" and "Adrian Mole"........huge,  HUGE stories.

So here I go too.....I"m interested to know what makes you write? Also,  do you constantly write in your own head?  Wishing your fingertips just simply 'grew' a laptop so you could strike while the iron is hot?

Let me know below.... cos I'm nosey..

Love from Journal Girl....x

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