Thursday 11 July 2013

Abraham Hicks - Never talk about that issue ever again!

Have you ever heard of Abraham Hicks?

There is a wonderful lady called Esther Hicks.  One day while she was meditating,  she felt she was being 'channeled' via a non physical force.  She calls this collective "Abraham".

Esther now holds seminars and writes books sharing these teachings.  Lots of focus on the Law of Attraction,  positivity and creating your own reality via using these methods she speaks of such as "getting into the vortex".

What does this mean to me?  Well,  my life has totally changed!  Realising as I did that there was such a thing as an 'aha' moment was truly an 'aha' moment in itself.
Reading Esther Hicks book which you can find here: 

......I was on a very long drive back from the Far north of Scotland (possibly a place from which I got in the vortex?)......needless to say but possibly funny, I was the passenger not the driver.  I got my nose stuck into this book for the entire 12 hours.  As I read part of the book which said......"You will never get it all done".........."You can never get it wrong"........... I was beginning to switch a switch in my head which showed me that I had been far too hard on myself throughout my life.

Ok so hang on a minute.......what is this life all about? If not to toil and work really hard just to simply try and get by then what?


I was only confused for a short time until I realised I was about to read the most significant sentance of my life.........

"The meaning of life is JOY!"

Thank you Abraham.

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