Thursday 4 July 2013

Dreams *so* do come true

You lovely lovely people!!!

I'm feeling so at peace and feeling the love this week.  Settled.  Happy.  Content.


Many 'life' hippies like myself often think there is no such thing as luck but rather we make our own.  I'm very inclined to agree but I say:

"I'm so lucky!" So often.

I guess what I mean is I'm thankful.  Fortunate.  Grateful.

Life has been fantastic for me just lately and I'm feeling lucky!

Just wanted to check in and share this happy feeling along with a couple of happy photos!

Building this blog has really been giving me a sense of belonging and I'm enjoying myself so much! Please do me the honour of following me in whichever places suit you and click some likes or make some nice comments for me.

Encourage me! It's so lovely.  Now then folks, I've just signed up for bloglovin' so please follow me there too.

When I think back to life just a few short years ago.....I was struggling..... then I found the law of attraction,  positivity and gratitude.  Now,  the story is very different.  Have a look at life now!


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