Tuesday 23 July 2013

Peter Andre has good news - plus my date with him last Saturday!

You read it right!

I was so lucky to spend last Saturday evening in the company of none other than the gorgeous Peter Andre!  Now,  I must point out that I do believe I have my very own younger version of Pete who has stolen my heart.

Although like most of us ladies,  I do find an affection to this guy for his morals and also for his slight 'underdog' features of not getting airplay on the radio.

Are you one of my readers from across the pond in the US?  I'm pretty sure that he hasn't 'cracked it' over there.  Give him a google,  or a little look on itunes.  He's great.

Now we aren't quite friends but I'm chuffed that I've tweeted with his brother Mike a couple of times and Peter does in fact follow me much to the amazement of my twins!  You can join him (now I've made you feel it's an important thing to do,  to follow me on twitter!)

The evening was fantastic and just what me and the twins needed when coming to the end of the school year.  Early mornings and grumpy faces - be gone - just for the night.  We had a blast.

Obviously,  loving my new blog life it would have been rude not to have taken photos and video for you.  Here's the video link below and just a couple of photos.  I have more to upload from my SLR later!

Oh and of course massive congratulations to Peter and girlfriend Emily who are expecting a baby....babies everywhere right now.


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