Tuesday 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Laying after waking from my pre-party snooze (as you do on new years eve) I mentally began to write a little blog.

Before the nails get painted,  the hair gets curled,  the high heels go on and the Pat Butcher party earrings come out,  I sat reflecting.  This is something I rarely share on this blog.

My last blog of 2013 - on this day,  my birthday. ~~~Happy birthday to me~~~

How do you feel as we say goodbye to this year?

For me,  (have a think; if it's the same for you) I could never quite understand people being happy to see off a year.  Didn't make much sense to me.  Another day tomorrow and all that.  Yet,  2013 has had its fair share of challenges for me this year in most departments and I, too have fallen into that trap of saying,

"I'll be glad to wave goodbye to 2013!"  Including the all important exclamation mark....

So how do we interpret this feeling?  Yes,  tomorrow is the 1st January and it's not really a whole lot different to today.  Yet it makes us all feel brand new.  Just like the Stylistics sang back in the 1970's.

We are able to say,  "let's draw a line under everything that has happened and start afresh."
What will you be drawing a line under?
Writing off and putting down to experience?
Which lessons have you learnt this year that you will take onwards into life with you?


Is it all just a bunch of whatsits and you prefer to live day by day,  taking what 2013 and 2014 throws at you?  Tonight is just for partying and let's see what tomorrow brings without too much analysing?  

Whichever person you are,  I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a brilliant 2014 full of wishes coming true.  For me,  after the year that 2013 has been,  I am hoping for the simple things in life for 2014 such as:

Family time

The list goes on to much about career and work (far too ambitious, always) but most of all,  I'd love to be happy in 2014 which is going to be the reason I shed a little tear during Auld Lang Syne at midnight - moving on into the New Year with excitement, joy and passion.  

The success this blog is enjoying is amazing! I'm so thankful to all of you for your support and if I've written one thing that's made a difference to one person among this website then I'm happy!

Biggest wonderful wishes to you all and warm snuggly hugs

Louise xoxoxoxox

Happy New Year!!!

Pat Butcher Earrings!


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