Friday 27 December 2013

3 top tips to feel less sluggish (right now!)

Ok! Ok!
So I know we still have lots of leftovers.
I know we still have N Y Eve to drink ourselves into a stupor and eat lots of sweet things.... Yes, go ahead and enjoy it.

Let's be serious though.  Who wants to keep the extra weight on that you can feel sitting heavy in your stomach right now?  Honestly?

Feel it,  it's heavy, sluggish,  you doubtless have dark circles under your eyes from the toxins racing around in your blood stream.  Is this how you feel?  If you want to instantly feel better I would suggest the good trick which we all already know which is

1. Drink plenty of straight up water.
Often,  private clients ask me if they can add some squash to it.  Ideally not,  but if you have to then do.  If it means you actually drink the water then do it.  You will feel better,  more awake and also it gives your insides a good sort out,  letting the digestive system 'do its thing'
My second tip will vary for you depending where you are in the world.  I'm in the UK so it's chilly tip number 2

2. Go for a good walk in the cold.
You will feel fresh and get the blood pumping,  carrying the toxins away from your system.  Fantastic!
Ok so the easiest and the last tip that you are totally likely to be able to agree to is:

3. Get an early night 
Sleeping for 7-8 hours is said to be fantastic for so many things inside us.  We can actually help to repair some of the damage that cortisone (the stress hormone) does.  Cortisone actually helps you to hold onto fat which is totally not good for the middle organs.  Sleep can, in fact, help you lose weight.

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