Monday 9 December 2013

January is coming - get Motiv-weighted!

Hey folks,  can I share something with you?

As you know by now,  I've had lots of nutrition and weight loss training.  Now,  in case you missed my other posts,  I do have a new website called Motiv-weight. It's a little different to this one and I guess kind of more formal.

The idea is,  with my Law of attraction training and the weight loss training,  I'll couple the two together and help folks to lose weight.  So,  over there it's getting quite a few hits.  I love this place too and will still be coming here for loads of personal stuff.  I'll share you my first few posts though to help me get it going.

Here's the exciting news,  in January I will be opening up my private coaching for weight  loss but online! This means we can either chat over things on the internet or you can keep costs lower than a weekly coffee and come over to my private group and all encourage each other anonymously! Fab way to meet new friends and I've a few secrets up my sleeve to keep you motivated.  So please so me a big favour and share this blog post with your social networks and I would love to help as many people as possible with this. Thank you so much. 

Here's the post:

 I am so happy to see you here,  reading this post.

Louise here,  founder of Motiv-weight.  If you have read the 'about' sections on this blog you will find that I have had quite a journey too.  It's my intention to gently but firmly take you by the hand and help guide you on your way to health using food and nutrition.

With a love of blogging and a love of all things nutrition related,  it will be my pleasure to bring you lots of free tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get well?
If you have a belief that food could be your answer then I'm here to tell you YOU are RIGHT! I am living proof of that and I have helped many many people on their way too.  I'd love it if you would subscribe to this website so we can keep you up to date with lots of things.  Such as:

The latest diets.
Health information
IBS,  IBD, and other digestive issues
Adrenal Fatigue
Candida problems
Most of all,  motivation.

You know what,  in my next blog post I am going to share with you a story of a lady who came to me with a firm idea that she could never lose weight.  By using the power of her mind,  we changed all that.

Subscribe to see if this is something you could do too.  I'm looking forward to taking you on a journey through blogs, blogs on Youtube and through my VIP Client site and of course the one to one coaching for the limited few.

I'd encourage your questions right here and now.  If you would like to make them anonymously please click the social media icons to find me and post me your questions there.  If you never thought there was an answer and you are at your wits end then please come on over and lets hold hands and find the way!

Much love


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