Saturday 7 December 2013

I'm a celebrity - who's using the Law of attraction to win?

Do you watch I'm a celebrity?

Tonight is the final! Can you believe it already?

Now I must admit I've been watching and I do have a pretty strong opinion about some of the politics in there but that's because I think with my heart on matters of social acceptance so i'm not going to speak about that.

However,  as for Kian...........I've been watching him.

When they very first began calling out the names for the bush tucker trials he would say with total conviction:

"It's not me."

Even before Ant and Dec said it.

The next day...


"It's not me."  again with complete and utter belief that it wasn't going to be him.  He was right everytime.

Turning to my children I said,  "He's using the Law of Attraction.  He might not even know it."

Yesterday at the semi final he actually was seeming quite thankful and relieved almost in a slightly not knowing way.  If his faith has wavered he may not bring home the crown.

Being a Westlife singer,  I'm pretty sure the boys would have had lots of mind coaching/life coaching/ Positivity coaching which will use many of the same techniques that if he applies them today,  he could win.

I'm hoping that he will spend some time clearing his mind,  focus and get the total conviction he needs to win.  Apparently he really is up for winning and would love to take home the crown.  So long as he focuses today and does some visualisation techniques he can do it!

Let's watch this space with excitement.


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