Friday 13 December 2013

Ever wondered why you can't lose weight?

Ever wondered why you can't lose weight?

So folks, are you one of the people who really takes your weight seriously? Maybe you are someone who has lots to lose or maybe you just want to drop a few pounds to get rid of the muffin tops from your best skinny jeans. Either way, it can be very frustrating when you feel 'stuck', you feel as if nothing is working. Let me help you to relax about that issue ; there is an answer. Always.
I was in the exact same position a few years ago and I followed several plans to the letter and not only did I not drop any weight but sometimes I would gain it or even worse, get really unwell. I didn't know at the time I had an underlying health issue. Now that I do, I feel the frustration of so many of my private clients who come to me at their wits end.

Honestly. I can honestly empathise with these clients. They are in tears often. Feeling like maybe they 'deserve' this weight and 'deserve' to look this way. Now, I am a believer that often you can hang onto self sabotage and that keeps the weight on. It's called the Law of Attraction. In other words you can do things to keep the weight on you by the power of the mind.

Something you never heard of? Are you just sitting shaking your head thinking I've gone totally ga-ga?

Ok, let me explain. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? A placebo can be a sugar pill given to a group of people who are all suffering with the same thing. It contains no medicine, just a sugar pill. Now, there will be another group who have the same medical condition but they are given a drug to treat it.
After x amount of time, they get the patients together to see who responded better to the pills and very often, it doesn't make much difference if the pill was made of sugar or if it contained medicine. In other words, if the patient 'thinks' he may be taking a drug to treat his condition then the thought alone can help make him better. Imagine that? That we are all bringing about our life by what we are thinking. It would be like your life is a movie and you are the director. Well, actually there are many people, myself included who do believe in this. In fact, I know it!

A client came to me really distraught. She had lost weight before and even got to a fantastic weight. Not only had her health improved but her outlook on life had changed massively. It was supposed to be a good thing. But as her mind changed, so did her marriage and her husband had an affair. My client was distraught. Her marriage was over and despite looking fantastic, her husband chose to leave her for the other woman.
Through comfort eating, the lovely lady started to gain some weight again. She got quite curvy. Joining the local gym, she worked out really hard there. Nothing much was happening and she kept her curves.

In the steam room one day she got chatting to another curvy guy. They hit it off instantly and he built her confidence telling her how beautiful she was just the way she was. After a short time of dating, they married. She was a blooming bride on her wedding day and looked radiant. Although this wasn't good enough for my client as she knew she could be more beautiful. She wanted to be slim again for her new husband.
Can you guess how this story ends? She lost the weight again. After a short time of her new lovely figure, her husband left her. No real reason, he just wasn't as happy as before. It certainly had nothing to do with her weight.

So she gained it again. She felt safe when she had her curves. People liked her with curves, yet when she got slim, they left her. Until she could shift that belief, she was always going to hang onto this weight like a comfort blanket.

Almost like asking a child not to carry around the comfort blanket anymore (as you don't need it), I had to re-educate her that she was lovely and would be loved no matter what size she was. Her weight was nothing to do with her two marriages ending. Once she realised that she could look into the mirror and like what she saw, curves and all, things began to change.

The way I worked on this client is a way that can work for many clients too. It's all about starting from where you are and appreciating what you have and losing the fear that things will change.
A blog will follow soon to teach you how to start where you are and appreciate what you have. Please follow this blog for updates. Feel free to post me your questions below.

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