Wednesday 11 December 2013

How to measure your weight loss without using the scales

Over on my website Motiv-Weight you will find so much information like this:

We are very lucky.  We have a brilliant blog post from fitness expert Daniel Slade.  While I love his take on getting fit through exercise,  he made a very good point at the end of the blog re using scales.  He's right of course,  there are many reasons the scales will be a problem.

That aside,  here is my information for you regarding using scales.

So,  you've decided to take the positive step to lose weight.  You may have even decided to take on board that you are actually going to make this a long term life change.

Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing something you really don't want to see anymore?

Do you scour the internet looking at peoples 'before and after' photos?  Thinking how gorgeous they actually can look in the 'after' photos.  You know you could look gorgeous too and you wish for it so hard it makes you want to cry.

Cry if you need to.

Draw a line under that and decide this is not happening anymore.  One quick diet will possibly get your journey started but you need a life change.  Don't worry how long it takes.  This is about your health and as long as every day you are making sensible choices you will definitely be looking at your body with more appreciation in the months to come.

What you need to do to track your change in body is this:
Take a photo.

Yes,  take a photo of you in your swimming suit.

You will uncover many emotions and maybe not like what you see.  Don't let it make you hate yourself.  This body of yours is marvellous.  But you want more.

Each week,  take the same photo again and again.  Feel free to post progress with Motiv-weight and we can clap and cheer with you.
When you have reached your target weight you can look back on those before photos with appreciation for yourself and how motivated you were to keep going all this time.  Such pride.

The problem with weighing on the scales is that often you will hold water or other weight which will not give you a true reflection of your progress.

Good luck and go get that camera out.  Cry if you need to.  We are here for you.  You can do it!!!

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