Thursday 5 December 2013

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Hey guys!  Missed you since yesterday! Hope everyone is going great!  I've decided to share a blog post with you from my other blog site Motiv-weight 

As the name suggests,  it's all about motivational weight loss and it's my new business.  I'd love to share it here with you guys as you never know,  it may end up helping someone like i was helped through my health issues too.  Please come over and have a look.  I will share the other diet and food and nutrition blogs from there for a few weeks but I'd love it if that's your thing,  if you would sign up to follow that.  Thanks in advance,  you are great….

Here it is: 

Have I got a treat for you today!

Ladies and gents,  I decided in my wisdom that while I might be the motivational and nutritional person to goto for Motiv-weight,  I have to accept that I might not be able to answer any really technical questions you have regarding fitness.

Now,  I have been a gym member for 8 years or maybe even more now but I only really know what the guys there tell me.  I can’t really advise more than that. Although for some of you,  any movement at all will be a step in the right direction.

So,  right place,  right time and all that I am very happy to announce a guest blogger by the name of Daniel.  He’s a proper personal trainer so feel free to contact him with all your questions of you can please a comment here and I can pass them over to him.

Thanks so much Daniel for your contribution.

You can find his twitter account here

Over to you Daniel!

First off, I’d like to thank Louise for this great opportunity to be a guest blogger on her Motiv-Weight scheme. If you do not already know who I am, I’m a young Personal Trainer with a huge passion in helping motivate and educate people not just in fitness, but in life in general.

Being a PT, a lot of people have the idea you were born, an athletic freak of nature above the general population in any form of fitness. Believe me this is wrong.
Yes, you see your professional athletes/fitness experts who were highly athletic in their youth and carry it on through life, and that is fantastic!
However, I am a trainer who can relate to most aspects of general life the population may go through, as I have experienced them myself.

I have been:-

The thin guy.

The FAT guy.

The Alcohol/Drug fuelled guy.

Am I proud of some of my past experiences? No, but do I regret them, also NO. They have led me to where I am today, and each day I progress into something better.

Since I discovered becoming a healthier, fitter person it has changed my life perspective and I felt I needed to help others experience the benefits becoming fit and healthier can do for them. So, I became a Personal Trainer, constantly studying and aiming to get many qualifications in the fitness industry.

There does not have to be extreme changes in people’s lives to help benefit them, slight tweaks to their lifestyles can make tremendous long term changes, and people are stunned by how simple, little things can do this.

Louise, has asked me to write information regarding exercise to help her followers/members, and also if they have any questions can openly come to me and ask. I try to keep them as simple and straight forward to read as possible, so everyone can relate and understand the information I try and put across. If people comment or ask questions, I do not judge or criticise, however will give my thoughts and advise. If you choose to follow them, that is your decision. Also, I do not reply to rude or negative comments, use that energy somewhere else.

I look forward to seeing where Motiv-Weight leads, and hope my blogs will help benefit many people, I have great feedback regarding my own posts I write on my own Facebook/Twitter Pages. Hopefully, here will receive the same. Links to my own pages will follow this post.

I won’t go into a detailed exercise blog to begin, but I encourage people to get active. You will benefit physically, and also mentally.
Exercise helps in controlling your weight, fights against disease/health conditions, enhances your mood and relieve stress, also gives you more energy. Just a few benefits of bringing in some regular exercise into your lifestyle.

To end my first Blog, although this scheme is called Motiv-Weight I would like to address a major problem in people’s lives – the weighing scale.

Do not use the scales!
You are NOT trying to lose weight but lose FAT – take the time to read that line.

There is a significant different between weight loss and fat loss.

To lose weight is generally going to be water/muscle mass/fat.

To lose fat, is to lose fat – this is generally everyone’s goal.

To track if you’re on the right path, use progress pictures, the mirror and measuring tapes.

The scales will alter, constantly, and will give you a false sense of security and make you believe you are going one step forward, two steps back.

Just a thought to consider.

Hope you have enjoyed my first blog, and I am looking forward to writing my next one.

Daniel Slade.

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