Friday 20 December 2013

Law of attraction in an easy to read book. Free sample enclosed.

How you all doing folks?? All good?

A lovely person over at Kindle pointed out to me that my ebook can't be seen so well on amazon.  What this means is if you click to see a bit,  you can't…..instead,  I thought I would share some here instead.

This way,  if you decided you like the look of my writing and decided you might want to go ahead and download it for 77p then maybe you might think it's worth the investment!

So here goes,  this is a little piece of the book.  You can buy it here if you want to see more and find out how to change your thinking habits to go ahead and change your life…

If Law of Attraction (or LOA as it’s called) is something you have heard of but don’t yet fully understand,  well,  you are certainly in the right place.

Even some of the Guru’s who teach Law of Attraction can still keep on learning more and more every day about how to apply the Law of Attraction into their lives.

Ok, in a nutshell,  what do you want?

If life had a magic wand,  waved it in your direction and said “Your wish is my command!”,  what exactly would you wish for?

Think about it just carefree right now,  don’t think too much into that answer……kind of go with your gut feeling.  See what you come up with.

Let’s ask it again: “What do you want?”

Think for a second and even write yourself a little list if you like.  If there were NO barriers in life and you could really honestly have whatever your heart desires in life,  what would you write on that list?

Don’t be surprised to know that some people don’t actually know what they want.  Yet we have other ways of tapping into the resources to show that you actually do know what you want,  just maybe not consciously.

Already, after just a few seconds here you will begin to build a picture of what seems like a beautiful fantasy.  In actual fact you will understand in a few more minutes that this fantasy could actually begin to become a reality.

The LAW of Attraction:

A definition of a law: Well, when you look this up in Wikipedia it mentions lots of things about governments,  legislation,  legal procedures and such.

I’m not quite so keen on that definition! I prefer talking about the universal laws…. Now this is my personal definition and sometimes I’ve been known to look at the fluffy side of life which is actually how I really like it!           

Universal law is something that must always be, no matter what. 

Most people know about the law of gravity so lets talk about that.  I often use this example.  Fill in the blank………

“What goes up,  must …….    …….. “

Did you get it?

Yes,  what goes up must come down when we apply the law of gravity.  Nothing except removing the gravity will affect that. 

Do we accept this as human beings?  Absolutely we do!  Now,  imagine for a minute that you took a coin and tossed it into the air and didn’t know if it was going to come back down to land but in fact keep on going up and up and up and up and away until you never saw it again.  You would think twice about throwing it up there wouldn’t you? 

Of course we all would.  That’s just human nature. 

Yet……..everytime,  without question,  we absolutely know it is going to come back down.  So we throw it up there,  trusting this knowledge.

When you know that you can also trust the law of attraction in the same way,  you will start to use it exactly the same.  You will trust it,  without question and you will leave it to work on its own without keep asking HOW?

Switching on a light bulb

Sending a fax

Breathing oxygen

All things that we could question: “How does that really work?”  Some things seem impossible to us but still we know it will work.

By the end of this lesson today I hope that you will begin to get an insight into how you can change your life by just trusting the Law of Attraction.  It’s happening all over the world and you honestly need to get onboard and make your dream life happen.

It’s all possible.  Honestly it is!

First Choice
What was it you were dreaming of having in your life again?


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