Monday 16 December 2013

Want me to help you?

Hello folks

Have you noticed that the 'giving up smoking' adverts have already started on the TV?

No doubt the weight loss ones will follow….so you know that you will be laden with guilt through December.  Only another 2 weeks of enjoying your favourite foods then you can start that diet in January.  Is that how you want it to be?  Or would you like to just make a few different choices and still lose weight?
All the while,  feeling more healthy.  Maybe you don't need to lose weight but you want to be more healthy.  That takes motivation too.  I know this! Because….that was me.  I was at risk with my health.  I will tell you the story in depth on another blog.  Right now,  I'm going to show you a little casual video of who I am and you can make a decision to come over to like our Facebook page and then get details on how to sign up in January to join our private group.

Really hope this can help you.  You've doubtless tried lots of different ways and methods and often you just need more encouragement and understanding.
 If you like what you see, please do me a massive favour and help spread the word.  I really would love to help as many people as possible on this journey.  Thank you so much for your support to us all. 


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