Monday 9 December 2013

Get your 2014 happening with Leonie Dawson

You've heard me speaking about Leonie Dawson before.

 Fondly, I remind you that she's ever so crazy but ever so amazing. This lady is not only living the dream but is also helping others live their dream too. If you click this link I'm sending you, you can see an example of the type of book you can get from her.

Now I love all things to do with visualisation and gratitude journals and this type of thing. Reason is, it works!!! Leonie is a lovely designer and makes such lovely artwork here. I would love you to just click the link and have a look for yourself. You will see. And I will add a video on here too so you can see what I mean about the crazy-ness of her :O) Got to love her. It might also make you think that perhaps you in all your 'ordinary crazy dream like state' might just be able to live the dream too. You never know………more crazy things have happened!

Also,  this video here is from a lady who was reviewing the workbook,  she shows you how she got the ebook version and printed it out…….Hope you love it!


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