Monday 30 December 2013

When blogging can get you down.........

This one is for the fellow bloggers out there.

I've been reading lots of folks blogs,  I love so many of them.  I'm a bit nosey like that.  Honestly, I feel so many of them are totally valid in some of the points they are making and in my opinion,  blogging is a great invention that can only add to the substance of the world.

Now,  we are all able to offer a little piece of us via the www and as I'm a believer that we all have unique gifts,  we can all give something back.

So why would blogging get you down?

I get asked time and again from my readers - "Why don't people buy my products?"

"Why don't I get more views?"
"Why don't people comment on my blog?"
"Why don't folks answer my questions?"
"Why can't I get any sponsorship for my blog?"

Great questions!

So what is the answer?  It takes time,  it takes relationship building,  it takes a whole lot of effort,  sweat and toil.  The illusion with blogging is that you can create something pretty instant.  It goes out to the world and we expect to sit back and get those comments,  shares,  likes,  clicks right away.  Sadly,  this seldom happens unless you strike gold.

Hang on in there.  We all have a uniqueness about us and this is something we feel we have to share through blogging and so the best thing to do is to keep on at it! Personally,  when I visit a blog I always like to leave a comment (same with Youtube,  a thumbs up or a comment is fab) and that way the hard working blogger knows they are interesting their readers.

Someone who I never even connected before posted this on google+ this morning and I felt I must share it with my readers.  I hope it strikes a chord with you.

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Hope this has been inspiring for you x

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