Saturday 14 December 2013

Finally, Law of Attraction gets public in the diet world!

Recently,  you may be aware I decided to start a whole new business called Motiv-weight.

There is a missing link in the diet and weight loss world.  This link (in my opinion) is our minds.

We all speak ill of ourselves all day long, looking in the mirror and affirming how fat we are, 

"I hate this bit on me."  

"Look at that bit on me."

Constantly putting ourselves down is keeping us feeling negatively about ourselves and our beautiful body.  It's the only one we have got and weight loss begins with appreciation of how that body serves us.

You've heard of the placebo effect?  Where folks recover from an illness when they take a pill with no actual drug inside it?  Well how about weight loss being the same.  If you eat a biscuit and instantly think to yourself, "This is going to pile on the pounds, it's full of calories..."  then you are instantly giving negative emotions to that action.

Scientifically,  I could go into the whats and whys of what happens to your blood cells when you speak bad of something and how it all changes when you speak positively of something.  

Sounds impossible?  So did inventing electricity,  or the internet.  Someone,  somewhere thought outside of the box.  If this is you and you are ready to find a new way of looking at your body,  let me know.  Please please please share this video with all of your friends as I really feel there is a new age of weight loss just around the corner!

Finally no more low fat diets - that really didn't work did it?  Back in the 1970's we were encouraged to start eating low fat and obesity became an epidemic pretty instantly.  Think outside the box.  You never know,  it might just make a change you've been waiting for. 

With love

Louise x






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