Tuesday 10 December 2013

Why the scales could hinder your weight loss

Why the scales could hinder your weight loss success


You've heard this one before haven't you.  'They' tell us not to weight too often.  I sit on the fence a little.  Here's my reasons for and against.  Which one works for you?

Reasons not to weigh:

When you are dieting,  you are on a white knuckle ride gripping on for dear life.  When you weigh constantly you give off an air of desperation and need which is a negative feeling.  If you know me and my writing,  you will know I'm a firm beleiver in the Law of Attraction.  What you give out is what you get back.

You need to remain calm,  focused and positive.

Did you ever think you were doing great on your new crash diet and get on the scales to be dissapointed?  What if you even gained a little weight!? Oh my goodness I bet it ruined your day?!
Were you walking around miserable and upset for the rest of the day?  Simply because half a pound was gained at the scales.  Even worse than that is when I have weighed clients who have been dissapointed with a loss.
"Only a pound?" They exclaim.

Your weight will naturally go up and down throughout every day. So expect ups and downs.  This is NORMAL.

Also,  getting on the scales will encourage that crash diet mentality rather than thinking log term and a new way of life.

Reasons to weigh:

Many people love to use the scales as the way to track and measure what is going on with their body.  It is a great way to punch the air and shout woo hoo 'it's working'.

Without the scales it isn't quite so easy to guess if it's working for you.

If you are on a plan which will show you how quickly you can lose weight say 5lbs in a week - you aspire to that,  expecting that success.  Belief is  a huge part of your success.  Without belief it will never happen.

On the next blog we will show you exactly what you should be doing instead of getting on the scales.

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