Thursday, 19 December 2013

Do you want a bestselling book on Amazon?

Hey folks!

My little Lusher Life book on amazon hasn't reached the bestseller list.  Although this is a mini book which I sort of used as a prerun to by forthcoming book IVF-Happiness in Vitro it would still be nice to see it as a best seller.

So,  I decided to get onto Youtube and see what tips I could find...........I found this guy called Jake... awesome!  Not only does he have a really friendly presentation but his tips are easy to follow step by step instructions that you will love.

Now,  keep a watch on this blog post (follow me!) as I am going to do exactly what Jake suggests on here and even though my book is only 77p/99c I am going to run the free promotional launch in January so if you want a nice freebie,  get onboard and watch this space.

I'd love to help you get to the Bestsellers list too.  Those of you following me will know that I am in fact on a mission to be a bestseller and I'd love you to help me by sharing this post and others like it. I really appreciate you. 

Much love as always

Louise xooxoxoxox

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